Vehicle management, from start to finish.

As the core of your business, we understand the importance of vehicle management. No more road blocks – we'll handle the details for you.

Fleet Management/Vehicle Utilization

A great product impression lies in the details. Our turnkey Fleet Management services ensure that your commercial and media customers have their vehicle ready and waiting when they need it, and our extensive tracking and reporting systems provide you with the insights you need to drive your business forward.

Big ideas? We're here to tell you it can be done! Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. We handle vehicle ordering, tracking, scheduling, and paperwork so that you can focus on what you do best, without getting dragged down in the details.

Unleash Your Momentum

We drive results. Our clients have more than doubled their fleet utilization since engaging with our fleet industry network, leading to increased purchase and vehicle sales and strategic placement of vehicles onto company fleet selector lists. The heightened brand perception only adds to the momentum!

Fleet Management/Vehicle Utilization


We’ll take care of the heavy lifting and the smallest details:

Transportation of vehicles across town or across the continent, when you need it (in 90-minutes or overnight).

We take care of vehicles from two wheels to eighteen wheels, and anything in between.

We will handle import, export, and customs clearances on your behalf.

We’ll move your vehicles by driver, open carrier, specialized enclosed transportation, shipping containers, or even fly your vehicles anywhere they need to be.


We ensure your vehicles are properly inspected and prepared for transport, and safely store them in technologically advanced facilities. We provide you with tracking and real-time status reports throughout the process, going the distance to ensure that you stay in the loop.

Our tech-savvy facilities are:



Access controlled

Not open to the public

Equipped with:

  • Level 2 chargers
  • Indoor and outdoor storage
  • Wheel, tire and accessory storage
Speciality Vehicles

Speciality Vehicles

We handle more speciality and concept vehicles than any other partner in Canada. What's critical to our success, is the understanding that each pre-production vehicle is unique with its own set of requirements.

We go above and beyond to protect your pre-production vehicle (including prototype and clay models) with precautions like:

Added security, car covers, access control for your embargoed vehicles.

Specialized vehicle handling, including moving vehicles with go-jacks, cookie sheets, magic paper or elbow grease.