Knowledge Transfer

Smarter people produce better results. Our training will keep your team running like a well-oiled machine.

Training Programs

Your team is the foundation of your business. Building and maintaining a strong foundation is crucial to your success, and our training programs are designed to do exactly that.

We offer training programs for single locations, as well as on a national scale. Our training programs are designed to produce strong, capable individuals within your company who can operate independently with ease, and who know how to come together as a team to combine their skills and knowledge to produce greatness.

Our focus is on long-term retention. An investment in your team is an investment in your business. When your team remains as stable as possible and your employees are dedicated to your business' long-term goals, that investment yields returns that simply can’t be beat.

A Science-Informed Approach

We approach training with a methodical, scientific approach. This means that our decisions are thoughtful and intentional, with every choice backed by neuroscience and the latest pedagogical research.

Innovation drives results. We don’t conform to tradition just because it’s tradition – we’re committed to doing what works. Combined with some out-of-the-box creativity, we use the latest research and technology to deliver engaging, digestible training to your team that’s sure to be retained and spark new ideas and growth down the line.

You'll see continual results as more of your attendees retain and apply delivered information. Ultimately this translates to a much higher ROI with lower overall costs since you can avoid re-training the same employees on the same topics. We’ve got you covered – we centre our approach on the latest information in learning sciences and knowledge acquisition. All of our choices are calculated and backed by science, so you can rest assured that your team is in good hands.

We Deliver in How We Deliver

Your employees are all on the same team, but each individual is unique in how they think and learn and what motivates them. Our training accounts for this, to ensure that each and every team member is on board, with nobody left behind.

Our delivery is customized to the specific attendees according to their learning styles and abilities—whether that involves visual techniques, auditory teaching, written information, or any combination that will produce the most effective results. We make sure that our training engages your employees, full stop.

Diverse execution is key. We involve technology for an efficient delivery of content, with incentives to help keep your team involved and motivated. Learning apps help us to diversify our training approach, keeping your team engaged and giving them a variety of experiences to help them to retain the information long into the future.

Success That Can Be Measured

Training through our programs isn’t abstract – it can (and is) measured. We employ key performance indicators and other metrics to track your team’s progress, and make sure that they remain on track to meet their learning goals.

Agile, real-time results allow us to modify the training program as we progress together. Any problem areas that may arise will be addressed immediately; we don’t wait until the training has been completed to check if there’s an issue or misunderstanding. Our training approach is dynamic and is designed to be flexible to suit your team, so that we can lend more attention to any area in which extra support is needed.

We stand by our results! Our training programs have been overwhelmingly recommended by previous attendees and stakeholders alike, so you know that we deliver results across the board