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Vehicle Management

Relax. It’s already taken care of.

Whether it’s 2 or 2,000 vehicles, we handle every logistical detail so you can focus on business results.



We love details. When you harness our experience and vehicle management expertise, you leave the worrying to us.

We’ll not only get your vehicles spotless and ready to move, we’ll store them in our secure facilities, track them until they reach their destination, and provide real-time status reports during the entire process – we’ll go the distance to make sure you are in the loop.

If you think it can’t be done, task us. We’ll take care of it! We increase your efficiency by looking after the time-consuming details. Ordering vehicles, tracking, and scheduling. Following up and filling out all the paperwork is easy for us. We look after the little things so you can look after the big things.

Fleet Management / Vehicle Utilization

Our turnkey Fleet Management services ensure that your commercial and media customers have their vehicle ready and waiting. A great product impression starts with outstanding customer service and confidence in knowing all the details are taken care of.

We provide you with extensive tracking and reporting statuses so you have the insights necessary to drive your business.

We also drive results. Prior to engaging in our Fleet Booking program, our clients average only 30% fleet utilization. Our proactive booking team connects you into their fleet industry network and drives an increase in fleet utilization to more than 80%! Impressive outcomes – increased purchase consideration and vehicle sales, measurable shift in brand perception, and strategic placement of vehicles onto company fleet selector lists.