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Here are this week’s Top 3:


1. Toyota promises driverless cars on roads by 2020

Autonomous driving is quite the buzz these days, isn’t it? Toyota is just the latest manufacturer to test a driverless vehicle on a public road. The technology required to make these cars a reality have come a long way, and traditional manufacturers are clamouring to be the first to launch a driverless car. Google, Tesla, Cruise and GM are all testing cars as we type, and we suspect we’ll see the reality in the near future. Is a driverless car on your consideration list?


2. Who is responsible for a driverless car accident?

Alongside Google and Mercedes, Volvo has just made a claim to accept full liability for accidents involving its driverless cars. Before driverless vehicles actually put rubber to pavement in a consumer-sense, regulations will need to be reviewed and streamlined. There is still lots of work to do, but these types of guarantees from automakers are a great step forward.


3. Greece: Driverless buses now being tested in actual road conditions (video)

All challenges aside, the EU’s Seventh Program Framework Program for Research and Technological Development have launched driverless buses in the Greek town of Trinkala. From our perspective, this is exciting and a demonstration of just how close the reality is.


Is your brand on board? What place is there for passionate drivers in a world with autonomous driving vehicles?