Here are this week’s Top 3:

1. Google’s prototype car has got your back

It may not be a surprise to many that Google has been making waves in the auto industry. Though there are still a few notable kinks to work out, the advancing concept of their archetype vehicle is quite interesting considering the mere fact that it indirectly asks the consumer to have faith from the get-go of its simple design rather than relying on all the usual bells and whistles to draw them in. What do you think? Would you go for a ride?


2. GM is skirting ahead of the competition in a surprising way

If you thought Google and Tesla were alone in developing self-drive technology, keep an eye on GM. On top of their cutting edge autonomy plan, they’re also seeking to launch and foster a ride share program in response to the growing demand of consumers looking for short-term use of vehicles as opposed to having to buy. We wonder how Uber feels about this!


3. Incredible sensors, AR windscreens, biometrics and more – the future of the automobile has never been more exciting

Ever wish your car had night vision? That it could track how tired you are, whether you want to turn up the volume on your favourite beat, or automatically determine for you if there’s enough fuel in the tank to get you to where you need to be (or find the nearest gas station with the best price)? What if the sun could heal that pesky hairline scratch on the driver’s side door? From zero-gravity seats to gyms in the backseat, self-charging cars and your own personal secretary, the brilliant evolution of vehicle technology isn’t just taking a few steps forward – it’s moving at warp speed. Check out these unbelievable cars of the future.



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