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Here are this week’s Top 3:


1. The real winner in the VW scandal? Hybrid cars.

Do you agree? The Diesel market in the US is a small one, about 3%, but it is (was) one that Volkswagen dominates. In 2013, VW accounted for 70% of “clean diesel” passenger vehicles in the US. Whether hybrid cars win is only a part of the picture… this is a case for authenticity and integrity.


2. Apple will have more people working on cars than Tesla did at time of IPO

Let’s really shake up the car industry. When one of the world’s best renowned (and beloved) brands, doesn’t dip its toe but rather, dives right in, then we know the auto industry is changing for good. Who knows where the Apple auto story will lead, but everyone needs to pay attention!


3. Canada’s 25 fastest-growing cars in 2015

This one, you may have already seen, but we love the “top” lists. Are any of your favourites on here?


Whether there are blows to the traditional industry or wind in the sails of new players, vehicles are a part of everyone’s lives, everyday. Like in any other industry, the connection between the customer and their vehicle is critical – it is bolstered by relevance, authenticity and honesty; and it is truly damaged by deceipt.


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