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Here are this week’s Top 3:


1. Is it time to close your F&I department

Oh, hello game changer. Sonic Automotive, one of the largest dealer groups in the US is redefining the customer experience by combining the sales and F&I roles into one. Benefits, including retaining career-minded talent, are showing some good early results. (And hey, why not borrow some inspiration from Apple?)


2. Elio Motors Named a 2015 Top Automotive Startup

When you think of startups, you probably didn’t think about the auto industry – but Paul Elio would like you to think again (and by the way, he’s here to stay). Winning a spot at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, the vehicle that Forbes called “the most revolutionary car since the Tesla Model S” will show itself off in California.


3. Google’s Self-Driving Car Push Spurs Tech Hiring Spree at Auto Makers

The auto industry is truly experiencing unprecedented changes… when the likes of Google jump into the fray, what do you do? Why, you hire software experts to join your OEM!


New players, new formats and new technologies are pushing us all to think differently about the experiences we deliver in the automotive world. How are you changing your game to keep up, and maybe lead?


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