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Here are this week’s Top 3:


1. Subaru App: A Next Generation Sales Tool

OEMs are faced, everyday, with streams of content – about their own products, competitor products, new technologies and the ramp up of marketing initiatives. So, how do you keep all messages straight and easily accessible so that your sales team on the showroom floor can answer questions your customers have searched online? Subaru Canada has certainly provided a valuable tool to up the game.


2. A Relationship Business

The auto industry, without question, depends on solid relationships – not only in B2C, but also in B2B arenas. With the right partners, you can weather the storms and stay strong. It will always start with the people.


3. Grand Touring to Build five-storey, six-brand stunner

It has been said that the three most important words in marketing are: LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION.

Well, this incredible new auto facility certainly takes those words to heart – growing up, rather than out in downtown Toronto and hosting some key luxury OEMs. This will be one to not miss… customer experience is sure to impress.


Dealers are (usually) the first “live” impression a customer has with a brand. It is critical to give them the right tools, to inspire their success and to support them achieve. How are you connecting to your dealer network?


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