Here are this week’s Top 3:


1. What Driverless Cars Mean for Today’s Automakers

What happens when cars can drive themselves? How does an entire industry change? Apple is joining the competition in the automotive arena, alongside Tesla and whispers from Google. In the future – how near or far is yet to be determined – automakers may not be the same as we know today.


2. Stopping Power: IIHS Rates 19 New Models for Front Crash Prevention

We may not be close to the driverless cars, but without question automakers are advancing their capabilities in the collision prevention space. Recent testing by the IIHS shows an increasing number of vehicles achieving the Top Safety Pick Plus rating. These technologies are paving the way for more advanced vehicles, and shifting the industry. For consumers, this is reassuring.


3. Trends: How Millennials are Changing the Auto Industry

Millennials made up 27% of all new car sales in the US in 2014. Without question, the influence by this demographic is clear… We can see automakers slowing the offer of CD players; in their place, the rise of mobile integration, Bluetooth connectivity and navigation systems.


It is really no surprise to see technology and changing demographics have such an impact on automakers today. We are experiencing true paradigm shifts in the industry. Are you ready?


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