Here are this week’s Top 3:

1. Apple Car Play vs. Android Auto: (Car and Driver) tests the most hyped software of the year

With infotainment being the hot button in the auto industry, Car and Driver has decided they should test how your mobile phone connects to your car. Some interesting comparisons here – either way, we agree: phones out of distracted drivers’ hands; now that’s a good thing!

2. Vehicle Safety Features are Confusing Customers

Just because a customer is nodding their head about adaptive cruise control or lane departure warning, it doesn’t mean they know what you’re talking about! Discover what Canadian Auto Dealer reports as confusing features for consumers. A good reminder about how optimizing an in-dealer experience demands an increasingly knowledgeable sales team who can take the vehicle walk-around to the next level.

3. Automakers Spending Billions on Technologies That Many Customers Don’t Use

JD Power just released their 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience (DrIVE) report with some interesting findings.

According to the report at least 20% of new-vehicle owners have never used 16 of the 33 technologies measured. When proper delivery is executed where a sales person facilitates the exploration of in-vehicle technologies, customers can understand not only how to use the tech, but how to enhance their experience with the vehicle!


Technology is changing our relationships with our vehicles. How are you staying on top of it?

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