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  • – 74% of people that attend events have a more positive opinion of the brand being promoted
  • – 79% of marketers generate sales through event marketing
  • – Big brands can build local goodwill by getting involved in small communities
  • – Marketers are moving away from events and towards building experiences for customers

Event marketing is a tried and true method of building your brand. Although marketing is more diverse than ever, marketers “continue to cite live events and experiences as one of their most effective tactics,” says Brian Pesin of Event Farm.  In fact, tradeshows and events are one of the most effective tactic marketers have, second only to website marketing. With approximately 79 per cent of marketers generating sales through event marketing, it’s no wonder it’s such big business. How do they do it?

1. Build local goodwill

Even a modest event in a small town can be big news. Hosting a local event builds goodwill for your brand. For large auto manufacturers it can be difficult to connect in a meaningful way with local communities. Endear your brand to small towns by acknowledging their communities and spending the time to host, sponsor or support an event. Your goodwill will be returned in spades – the community won’t forget your brand’s goodwill.

2. Reach your target audience

Holding an event related to your product, service, company, or sector will ensure that those in attendance are interested in a topic relevant to your company. This can result in direct sales, lead generation, and greater overall engagement with the people that matter – potential clients.

For the auto industry in particular, nothing is more important than putting your vehicles in the hands of potential drivers. Especially with technology increasing at such a rapid pace, it’s important to show customers the technological capabilities of your vehicle and how these features will impact their daily lives. Telling them about the bells and whistles simply isn’t enough.

3. Create an experience to maximise engagement

One of the latest trends in event marketing encourages marketers to think not in terms of events, but in terms of experiences. You need to do more than gather a group of potential customers. You need to ensure that they are as engaged as possible and create an experience they won’t soon forget.

To do this, give potential clients an immersive, hands on experience, that will result in greater engagement, awareness, and brand loyalty. Closed course drive events, product launches and VIP experiences are a few ways to engage customers, but get creative and think outside the box.

4. Earn media exposure

A well planned event can earn your brand exposure across traditional media. Charity related events are particularly well suited to garnering positive PR. You should be well acquainted with local and regional media outlets, who covers them, and their contact info. Then create an event that is newsworthy by offering a unique angle. Traditional media exposure builds brand legitimacy, trust, and recognition.

5. Harness social media

Hosting an event provides you with ample opportunity to gain social media attention, before, during and after the event. Ideally, the people in attendance will be the ones generating most of your content by interacting with your brand on social media and gaining traction within the wider customer demographic. A well planned event will reach more people than just those in attendance, but to do this you need to have hashtags dedicated to your event and give people a reason to use them.

6. Reap SEO rewards

In addition to the social media benefits, hosting an event can generate backlinks to your website. Backlinks strengthen the trustworthiness of your site which is a crucial factor in search engine optimization (SEO). SEO can itself boost your brands exposure, and influence how much it is trusted by potential clients. Events also create an opportunity for participants to leave reviews on your website or Facebook page, further enhancing the trust of your brand.

The numbers tell the whole story. According to the Event Marketing Institute, 74 per cent of people that attend events have a more positive opinion of the brand being promoted. A well-managed event can magnify this effect by reaching a wider audience through traditional and digital media efforts.


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